Many movies and books cover the topic of schizophrenia as this is a very popular symptom even though only 1.1% of the American citizens have it. There are two types of symptoms found in these patients: positive and negative. Hallucinations and delusions both belong to the first group while the absence of characteristics/parameters possessed by the general population is from the negative group. Such people often have no desire to build any sort of relationships with others.

It is important to admit that every person has specific symptoms of this or that mental disorder. It all depends on personality, traits, and environment. Such things as emotions, points of view, and especially mood/patterns of behavior are the most changeable in individuals who suffer from any of the mental disorders.

All groups of mental illnesses are united by the following symptoms: melancholy, lack of focus, confusion, unreasonable anxiety, feeling of guilt, blocking social activities, blocking relationships, uneven exhaustion, fatigue, sleep disorders such as insomnia, imaginary world, denial of reality, inability to handle everyday assignments of any difficulty, absence of attention, inability to recognize cases and people around, addiction to alcohol, drugs, and gambling, absence of healthy sexual desire (or vice versa), rage, aptitude to suicide.