Overall depression is another common mental disorder in the United States and all over the world. It attacks about 6.7% of citizens annually. It often leads to fatal outcomes such as suicide. Other symptoms include loss of appetite, loss of interest in life, an absence of life goals, insomnia, and other sleep disorders. It is impossible to derive positive aspects from life without understanding your mission.

Have you ever heard of PTSD? The abbreviation stands for the post-traumatic stress disorder which appears in 3.5% of the US population. It appears and progresses once the person has survived a horrible incident and was seriously shocked. The causes may be various types of hate crime, violence, abuse, clinical death, etc. Those who suffer from PTSD live in half imaginary world where the worst things seem too real. They have weak nerves, are rather sensitive, and they often challenge numbness.

One of the most serious mental disorders is, perhaps, a bipolar syndrome. This disorder is also known as the manic-depressive one. 2.6% of the US citizens appear to suffer from this problem. They stop understanding who they are. They are unable to differentiate real things and their imaginary world. These people demonstrate rapid mood fluctuations and other changing patterns of behavior. They become less productive. Such people report of regular depressions. They feel like more than one person is inside their heads, so they may behave like two different personalities. They also can talk a mile a minute; it is difficult for them to listen to others attentively. They also may have troubles with memory.