If you remain anxious for a while without any good reason, it is the warning proof of some emotional disorders. Mental health disorders may be as serious as the physiological illnesses. They are often supported by the significant risks to physiological health as well. According to statistics, about 18.1% of the entire US population face at least one mental disorder during their lives. The statistics was gathered in the previous year. The situation only gets worse as more and more adolescents share they are not satisfied with their lives.

Without corresponding treatment, mental disorders may impact even physiological health of the person. Any mental disorder has a long-term nature. More than ten percent of the entire US population share they have emotional issues. Children starting from the age of 12 experience various depressions and anxiety conditions regularly. The most common type is an addiction – a psychological dependence upon something. Usually, those are some bad habits like smoking or drinking as well as gambling, sexual videos, and video games.

As the fashion for anorexia appeared, its impact still can be noticed among the young girls and even some guys. It caused an eating disorder, which was discovered in 20 million US citizens. That is not about “faddy” eating. It may refer either too lacking food or overeating. People try to manage their lives through the medium of meals.  Population aged up to 70 experience this problem.