Respiratory complications. If you have pneumonia, mesothelioma can cause more difficulties with your lungs. As this part of your organism just does not fight any infections and aggressions, there is a high chance of various respiratory complications. Sometimes people just think their mesothelioma is just a simple infection that can be easily beaten. And even if you got your X-ray done there can be no signs of mesothelioma. So, try to make as many analyses as you can if you suggest mesothelioma.

Disinterested in eating. If you noticed a loss of appetite, there could be lots of various reasons. Obviously, people who dream to lose their weight will be happy to eat less, but there always should be a reason for your appetite loss so try to diagnose it as soon as possible. Mesothelioma is one of those reasons why people don’t want to eat or eat less than usual. While thinking about a wide range of other health issues, you should never forget about mesothelioma and treat any strange symptoms seriously.

Abdominal pain. Lots of patients suffering from mesothelioma complain about abdominal pain. This type of pain is too broad to diagnose anything right away. And mesothelioma is extremely dangerous as it has no certain place for abdominal pain as kidney or stomach, for example. Weight loss. In those cases when your mesothelioma is at its highest stage of development, you will start losing your weight. The food and minerals you receive go on cancer cells building, and your organism just does not receive enough. This is the moment when your weight starts to melt.