Chest pain. Chest pain is the most usual and obvious symptom of mesothelioma. As like infiltration of the pleural lining mesothelioma is very painful and will lead you to the hospital right away. The pain you feel is very sharp and goes right into your chest, so you will not miss it. To be more accurate, the pain is usually located at the place of your lungs where the cancer is developing. But sometimes it can be formed in other parts of your lungs.

Wheezing or dry cough. Coughing is a very broad symptom which usually is taken and treated very easily. But when your lungs get irritated and suffer from pleural lining tissue, the cough is not just a simple cold symptom anymore. In this case, chronic coughing or smoking can also lead to mistaken this symptom, so you should be very careful.

Breathing difficulties. This symptom is also very wide spread in medical practice and can be mistaken with lots of other illnesses. Usually, people do not associate it with mesothelioma, but you should be aware of such danger. Of course, your breath shortens while you grow older and those people who have asthma also have breathing difficulties. But mesothelioma is no joke, and you should ask for help as soon as you discover any unusual difficulties.