Problems with your skin. Those people who are not well aware of medicine would not, probably, guess that their skin problems are caused by kidney disease. But it is also about removing all the toxic elements from your body. And when those toxins stay, your skin may get hurt. This also happens because of the disturbed minerals and nutrients balance of your body. So, if you notice your skin became dry and itchy, you should check out your kidney too.

Unpleasant taste in the mouth. While toxic elements are still in great amount inside your body without kidney removing it, you may suffer not only from bad urine condition and skin look but also unpleasant taste in your mouth. Doctors call this symptom uremia. The taste often reminds something metallic in your mouth. Also, other tastes of food and drinks become not proper and unusual. And in the end, people around you will notice bad breath from your mouth.

Not feeling hungry. Bad appetite is a very broad symptom, and of course, you will not guess first what is happening to your body. In case your kidney is ill, the poison inside your body remains, and its amount grows constantly. This process causes bad appetite and should not be ignored. If you didn’t experience any stresses or any other symptoms, you should check your kidney first.

Respiratory difficulties. If you are not a smoker and didn’t have any lungs problems before, you, probably, will notice this symptom very quickly. The excess of fluid in your body causes shortness of breath as it strikes your lungs. Respiratory difficulties is a very common symptom of kidney disease so do not waste your time and go to the hospital.