Hard to get to sleep. It is very hard to understand that you have kidney problems on the early stage. For example, such thing as bad sleep is just beginning, and almost all people ignore it or think it is something else but not a kidney disease symptom. Your kidney is a filter moving all the toxins out of your body. And in case your kidney is ill, it can’t deal with all the tasks it has. And when you feel it is hard to get to sleep, you need be focused on not just only stress problems or too much coffee, but your kidney condition too.

Changes in urination. Your kidney and urinary system are closely connected, and problems with one always mean troubles with the other. And if your kidney produces urine of not proper condition or consistency, you need to check it out. For example, you may feel a strong need to wake up in the middle of the night. Also, problems with kidney make your urine look bubbly and even have foam in it.

Exhaustion. Modern people often feel exhausted due to rush, high speed of life, and bad ecology. But your exhaustion can also be one of those kidney disease symptoms no one expects to happen. It is possible due to all those toxins that stay in our organism in case the kidney works with defects. It is not easy to see that link between your exhaustion and kidney problems, but you need to be careful after few days of that shape.