Persistent fatigue. Erythropoietin or as it is also known EPO is very important for our organism and influences our mood. And your kidney is producing it all the time. In case your kidney is diseased, your mood can become gloomy, and you may feel a persistent fatigue. Be careful as it is one of those symptoms people always ignore and links to something else. Your kidney produces EPO less than it should, and your blood does not receive enough red blood cells.

Blood in the urine. As we said before, your kidney and urinary system are connected. Problems with kidney cause not just bubbles and foam in your urine, but also blood. Yes, bloody urine sounds more serious than fatigue or bad mood and this symptom will lead you straight to the doctor. You should go to the hospital as soon as possible. Kidney disease may be not even the worse problem in this case. So do not waste your time as soon as you notice any blood signs in your urine.

Swelling. Another important task of your kidney is to remove extra fluid from your organism. And, of course, ill kidney fails this task entirely. This symptom shows itself with swelling in the lower area of your body as the moisture gathers there with no out. You should check out your legs, feet, and ankles. In some cases, fluid can cause swelling of your face and even hands. Doctors call this stage edema, and it is a serious symptom that means you failed previous signs of kidney disease.