Dry and sore throat. Another symptom linked to throat issues. Laryngitis causes various problems with your throat. It is hard to talk, breathe, eat, drink, and swallow. The pain is constant and becomes stronger. Then it may cause another symptom such as swollen neck glands. Patients with dry and sore throat constantly have a strong desire to clear their throat making it even harder to talk and to swallow.

Swollen lymph nodes. We mention this symptom before, and it is one of the last stages of laryngitis. Your swollen lymph nodes and other neck areas point that laryngitis is on its way to cause even more problems. Your lymph nodes are linked with armpits and groin areas. Those two points can also start swelling. And problems in those areas are a direct signal that you have laryngitis. Also, those areas will suffer not just from swollen but also from pain. You can also touch your lymph nodes and feel that they are warmer than usual.

Nasal congestion. As in the case with a simple chill, you will suffer from nasal congestion. But laryngitis always doubles all cold symptoms, and nasal congestion is not the exception. The nasal passages will be almost totally blocked as the membranes in your nose have inflammation. Besides usual laryngitis, this problem also causes sinus infection or aggravated laryngitis. In this case, simple cold treatment is not effective at all.

Common cold. As any other serious illness laryngitis is often confused with another more simple ones, in this case, cold or upper respiratory tract infection. People just ignore all the symptoms and their improvement within weeks. A common cold is just a top of an iceberg and has the same symptoms but in smoother form. Laryngitis doubles all the symptoms and has more serious consequences. A runny nose, coughing, and pain in your throat may confuse you, but try not to ignore those symptoms and keep laryngitis in mind.