Laryngitis Signs and Symptoms

Coughing. As in the case of a simple cold, coughing is one of those symptoms everybody is familiar with. But if you have laryngitis your coughing will be more intense than in the case of a simple cold. This symptom is one of those main ones and most obvious, but people often treat it as just a chill. But you should be careful when you’re coughing, and it sounds more like a barking or any other brutal sound.

Hoarseness. Of course, if your throat is ill, your voice will change. Hoarseness appears at the same time with pain in your throat and lasts until you lose your voice at all. If you’re ill with laryngitis, your throat will be dry and scratchy, that is why your voice will sound with bright hoarseness. The voice generally becomes very weak and sounds just like another person. Try to drink lots of warm fluids and treat it with any other methods to make it smoother and moister.

Difficulty breathing. Here is another main symptom of laryngitis. Do not even think to ignore it. While your nose is runny and you feel a discomfort, it is very easy to miss the signal of your body about laryngitis. Your breathing will become difficult not just because of your nose, but also your lungs. Some people compare these feelings as like they are trying to breathe through a straw. Both inhaling and exhaling become difficult and out of a normal beat.