Throat pain. The first and most obvious symptom of laryngitis is the pain in your throat. It may seem like a usual cold, but if the pain you feel is really strong and unbeatable, it may be laryngitis. The pain is constant and becomes stronger every time you swallow. Then it also becomes hard to eat and drink.

Loss of voice. Another stage of laryngitis begins when an ill person loses his voice. Sometimes the voice can become just hoarse, but mostly laryngitis causes complete loss of the voice. Usually, those patients who ignore first symptoms of the illness lose their voice for sure.

Pain when swallowing. As we said before, pain is the first sign of laryngitis. And painful swallowing will follow the simple pain of your throat. This may be a cause of overall infection of the throat or even allergic reaction. The pain may appear in the entire throat or some of its areas lower or higher.