You may notice that you start changing your glasses regularly to improve the sightseeing. The vision is going down with the speed of light without any reasons. It is another warning symptom of cataracts. Except for buying new contacts or glasses, it would be wise to consult a doctor. A health care provider will prescribe the necessary treatment to improve the situation or at least stop the progress until you turn blind.

Have you ever noticed ‘halos’ around lights? People with cataract do! Eye proteins prevent the light from getting inside the eye to allow the person to see at night. Such barrier may lead to the light being refracted, which makes the person believe he or she sees these ‘halos.’ Those are light circles that surround the source of light. Take a look at the source of light around you – is there something wrong you notice, no matter what color it is?

One of the typical yet rare symptoms is the double vision. It means that a patient who suffers from cataract may see twins instead of one person, two dogs instead of a single, and other pictures that divide in two. There is also such thing as a double binocular vision. It’s a situation when both pictures are seen by either eye if it’s closed. Diabetes, the trauma of brain, or hypertension have this symptom among others. Vice versa, a monocular double vision is the one when just one eye sees more than one image.

The way individual detects colors is also impacted. People with cataract may see colors differently. In many cases, it has the same signs as the color blindness. It is easier to define cataract in women as they do not have the color blindness. Faded colors are the symptoms of cataract; they stop being vibrant. The patients see yellow color deeper than before. A discolored lens causes this problem.