The person start noticing their eyes going yellow, red, or brown. And it’s not about the natural color. Either one or both eyes may be under threat. When the clumps of protein create the feeling of foggy vision, it results in different unnatural eye colors. Do you know how it feels when you wear the sunglasses? The effect is the same.

Foggy vision and sunglasses misted effect are two other symptoms of cataracts. The source of the problem is the protein components. The organism starts to create new cells outside of the lens. Outdated cells combine to cause this disorder. The cataract interferes the light rays to reach the eye. As a result, the patient sees nothing but a fog around. Such blurred vision makes the patients lost in the dark even when it’s a sunny day outside.

The persons with cataracts become highly sensitive to light and sun rays. It may be the initial symptom of this disorder. Headlights might become irritating too. It prevents people from doing their job at night time when they need some light from the lamps or other tools. If you notice such sensitivity, it is better to contact an ophthalmologist. Further examinations will show the causes of this problem.