Being sensitive to both natural and artificial sources of light makes it difficult to read in the evening or at night. On the whole, specialists recommend getting involved in such activities only during a day. We read with our eyes; thus, they remain tense all this time. The vision suffers if we do it at night when the eyes have to be especially strained to see every letter. With the development of cataract, it becomes harder to obtain enough light to see in the dark. This symptom can be observed only at night.

Foggy vision. A blurred vision makes people with cataract unconfident about their actions. The patients start seeing spots and feel like walking through the fog. This phenomenon may start in the certain area of the eye and spread over. The general vision of both eyes may suffer in the result. You may wonder how exactly the process impacts the vision – cataracts deforms light when it tries to get through.

Often, people with cataracts lose their driving license as they start experiencing serious issues while driving. Driving a car requires the same tension and good vision as reading or writing process. Only clear vision allows following all rules on the road. It is recommended to drive only at day time in case you have problems with vision. The restricted night light may lead to the serious road accidents for people with cataracts.