Obstruction and other stomach problems. In the majority of cases problems with a stomach occur because of the incorrect nutrition, but not because of dangerous sickness. That is why the first idea must be to gain the nutritionist consultation. After you follow your diet corrections and no positive results received, it becomes obvious that another treatment is needed. People who suffer from constipation and stomach problems also have prostate gland problems as a rule. Because of bigger pressure on this gland during lifetime.

Bones disaster. At first glance, the bones pain is slightly connected with prostate. Anyway, this is also treated as cancer symptom. This straggle often experience the patients on later cancer terms. The pain occurs as a cancer result out of prostate edges, which occurs with another body matters like nearby bones. This can occur with lower part of a spine, which ache because of late cancer. Such patients cannot sit down and walk comfortably any more.

Blood in the urine liquid. When the urine has an infection, it also enlarge and inflame. This is the exact case when the doctor consultation is vital. Though bloody liquid could have another, not so dangerous nature, such as prostatitis or venereal diseases, no matter your assumptions, just hurry up to the doctor.

Body volume decrease. Taking into account another signs and symptoms, body weight decrease can also be considered as prostate cancer indicator. Let your doctor know if this is happening with your body volume while taking the main treatment. The nutritionist is needed in this case to help you to take balanced diet with the aim of avoiding mass changings getting enough vitamins, fiber and minerals from the food.