Having to get up in the after-hours too often. A person in a good fit can sleep all night long without any disturbing. It is not really necessary to get up several times per rest time to visit water closet. However, there are some men who really need to move to water closet up to once per hour. In this case a medical treatment is more than actual. It is necessary to observe how rationally the man’s trips to the toilet occur. If you have a desire to visit toilet extremely frequently and the outflow of liquid is really tiny, it becomes a strong reason to pay attention on it.

The struggle in the back. As it was shown in different investigations, a dull pain in lower part of back can be a symptom of prostate cancer, besides if other possible reasons of that kind of struggle. The special Canadian scientific research, the results of which is published in the Journal of Chiropractic Association, shows that pain in lower part of a spine can indicate the sick inflamed prostate or some similar health questions. Chiropractors often use this opportunity to help in the treatment.

Increase of pain level before ejaculation. This symptom goes hand by hand with painful urination because of equal nature. Lots of sufferers with prostate cancer tell about pain experience near urine before the orgasm. The reason of it is Increase in size and inflammation of the prostate. Enlarged prostate blocks seminal ducts which causes pain. But do not make sudden conclusions. If you feel such a symptom, the good idea would be to visit a medic.