It is not comfortable for female population to have sex after the day they face menopause. Menopause reduces sexual desire and feelings during the act of intimacy. Women report vaginal dryness because of the varying levels of hormones. Vagina’s walls turn less elastic, so the woman feels interested or needs in sex no longer.

Oscillation in mood and behavior is another common symptom of menopause. Women are rather emotional humans compared to men. However, menopause may change the swings in the mood even more. It gets impossible to control personal emotions, so often people around suffer because of women acting widely and unpredictably during the periods. Females become easily annoyed.

It is important to pay attention to the hot flashes. Females face fast sequences of hot flashes. Menopause, in general, leads to higher body temperatures and increase in the level of sweat. It lasts for a minute, as a rule. Serious hormonal fluctuations and chemical imbalance in the organism cause hot flashes.