One of the worst things females who achieve menopause report is obtaining extra weight. It’s okay for skinny women to finally gain lacking weight, but it makes women who suffer from obesity even more disappointed and embarrassed. The only thing a woman should keep in mind that this symptom will pass very soon, so there is no need to change the diet or minimize food ration. That’s not the source of the problem. Usually, only tummy may suffer from the additional weight. Drink more water and have a good walk several times a week.

Moodiness is often the result of a bad sleep. Women who first face menopause get worried if they are not ready. If they don’t know the symptoms, they may confuse them with some serious issues. Due to the changing body temperatures and hot flashes, such women cannot sleep well. They also feel that something is wrong. Estrogen level decreases when menopause shows up. The brain then starts sending off fight or flight signals which prevent from healthy rest. It can be fixed only at an emotional level.

Excessive loss hair in the periods of menopause does not necessarily mean the woman will stay bald. If you notice your hair falling when combing your hair, don’t panic ahead: it may be the sign of menopause. Aging is often supported by the signals like that. As estrogen drops, the hair becomes weaker. It becomes rather thin. Try to find proper nutrition for your hair.

Both emotional intemperance and physical incontinence can be noticed during the menopause. A lot of reasons for this phenomenon exist. Hormones always have an effect on both mental and physical health as they are interconnected. Add sudden deterioration of muscles, and you’ll recognize the source of the incontinence. Pelvic floor exercises may help to prevent your organism from peeing too often.