Women who suffer from menopause experience sweaty nights. When a person awakens at night too regularly, it may be a warning symptom of many disorders, and also it can be menopause symptom. Women may notice a drop in the estrogen hormone. It all leads to extreme sweats no matter what season it is outside.

Menopause is characterized by the uncommon periods just like any other hormonal change. Most of all, it is reflected by the disrupted menstrual cycles. What doctors call “periods” in menopause lasts for a while; it is impossible to forecast the beginning and ending of the process. They can also be shorter than expected.

Pregnant women experience this discomfort as well, but it becomes a regular phenomenon when w female achieves the age of 40 or up. The age along with some other health factors is what actually predetermines the length and severity of menopause. Menopause happens as the chemical balance is disrupted by the fluctuations in estrogen and progesterone.