Many females who are lacking magnesium report of the regular, unexpected hormonal changes. The decrease in magnesium reveals the existing imbalance in the amount of calcium and magnesium. It often happens when the woman is expecting the baby. Pregnancy is always accompanied by the increase in estrogen and progesterone. These two elements cause the drop in magnesium levels. Thus, future moms reports of the extremities cramps, especially legs.

The core symptom of the magnesium deficiency is the worsened heart condition. Not only blood pressure but the pulse changes in the worse way. Unhealthy heart rhythms are related to the coronary artery issues. To function properly, the human heart needs a certain amount of magnesium. Doctors recommend solving the problem with magnesium levels to improve the performance of the heart.

Patients who are diagnosed with the magnesium deficiency complain of the weak bones. They also feel pain in the bones. The insufficient amount of magnesium is not able to regulate calcium properly. This imbalance causes troubles with bones. Magnesium has to convert vitamin D to activate the calcium retrievement. It means that a greater amount of magnesium leads to the higher bone mineral density.

People who may have magnesium deficiency get too tired quickly. They have no energy to accomplish even the easiest daily activities. Magnesium, of course, impacts our energy. In case there is not enough magnesium, the body requires more oxygen. It is harder than to get enough magnesium; people start feeling lethargic losing most of their energy even without hard physical exercises.