People who complain about the magnesium lack report jumping levels of blood pressure. In fact, both pulse and blood pressure are beyond or over the norm when there is a magnesium deficiency. The relationship between increased blood pressure and lack of magnesium is not proved, but it can often be noticed. Try special therapies ASAP to get rid of this problem.

People who may suffer from the magnesium deficiency can notice different sleep disorders, especially at night. Insomnia is one more symptom as the muscle cramps and other supporting signs prevent the patient from having a good, healthy rest. Magnesium assists in calming the mind and the rest of organism, so it is impossible to fall asleep without a proper amount of this element.

Patients with the syndrome are under the threat of regular depressions. These people remain too anxious all the time. They may get anxious because of the problems which do not really matter. It is more kind of emotional problem but still associated with some physiological deviations. The proper level of magnesium and calcium can help to reduce the problem with a bad mood.