Blood in urine. Here is another common symptom of kidney illness. Your kidney is closely connected to the urinary system, and in case a kidney is ill, the urinary system suffers too. The most obvious symptom would be a presence of blood in your urine. This is one of the most dangerous symptoms, and you should go to the hospital as soon as you can. Sometimes there are no obvious blood signs, but a different color of your urine. You should start worrying in case it is too dark, red or pink.

Heavy sweating. Sweating is also a common symptom of other kidney diseases. It is obviously because of the toxins that your ill kidney fails to push away from your organism. Of course, all people are sweating differently and with various amounts of fluids going out. But if you noticed your sweating became more massive than usual, you should check your kidney first.

Patients diagnosed with kidney stones often feel sick. It is revealed by nausea and regular vomiting. Feeling nauseous is not very common when there is a problem of this type. However, it is still one of the potential symptoms reported by people who suffer from kidney stones. It rarely happens and does not last for a while. Sometimes this nausea can even make you feel sick and vomit often. And this will cause dehydration meaning the organism does not have sufficient amount of water to function properly. And it is not just about the toxins. A person will vomit for sure when the ache in the corresponding organ gets too sharp.