Having pee with a strong stench. Of course, human wastes always smell bad. But in the case when there is something wrong with your kidney and urinary system, the smell can become even more awful. Actually, the smell of your urine in case you have kidney stones will become very repugnant and strong. This also often follows changes of urine color.

Inability to sit. Another symptom connected with pain. It is not the direct outcome of having the stones itself, but the inability to move and sit properly. Stones make the attacked organ become larger as they also grow in their size when not properly treated. Then, the stones make larger your lower back of the body. Patients feel huge compression in the body. Along with the increased kidney, the pressure reaches its extreme level.

Frequent urinary tract infections. The urinary tract is a delicate system of your body, but it is not so easy to get any infections there unless you have too dirty hands. And this symptom is very widespread, especially among women, who suffer from stones in kidneys. If you have any infections with a large period of time between them, it is not too bad and suspicious. But in case those infections are too often, you need to check out your kidneys. Attend health care provider to it correctly.

Among all symptoms, high temperatures and flu-like conditions are the least probable. Fever may belong to different diseases as well as the chills. All symptoms we described earlier are very obvious. As soon as a person discovers at least one or two them, he starts a curing process. But sometimes those kidney stones are too small to be noticed and just do not affect your overall shape. And while you don’t realize you have those stones in your kidney, they scratch and hurt your urinary tract and cause infections there and the whole body.