Awful pain. The most obvious symptom you are going to face with is the pain. It is the most common and even guaranteed symptom of kidney stones. There is no doubt that the pain will be just unbearable. Doctors call this symptom renal colic. In case stones appeared in your kidney, you will feel an awful pain there and anywhere else. Your lower back will hurt like never before. And we don’t even recommend you going to a doctor because you will do it yourself immediately as the pain will be just on its extreme level.

Frequent and painful urination. As a person, you know your usual urination frequency. And for sure you are going to notice when that frequency will change. If the need to urinate will be intense, you should think about your kidney first. Of course, it may be caused by drinking a large amount of liquid or eating a watermelon. But, in case this tendency lasts for few days for no obvious reasons, you need to go to the hospital.

Feeling sick. Kidney stone often forces an ill person feel sick. Sometimes vomiting is a natural reaction of your organism to the severe discomfort it feels. Having stones in kidneys is the source of painful sensation. This is how your body tries to get rid of toxic elements your kidney is not able to remove. If your kidney is healthy, those toxins will be pushed out a natural way. But if a stone breaks this mechanism, your body will try to push it another way.