A myoclonic seizure is one more popular symptom of epilepsy. Spasms and jerking turn almost violent when the attack happens. It covers patient’s extremities and some upper body parts. Some patients who suffer from this disorder compare such type of assaults with the electrical shock. Still, the attacked ones stay conscious when the process takes place. It frequently shows up in the mornings.

Tonic attacks may also disturb the patients with epilepsy. The whole body turns an unknown substance, and the person simply loses connection with it. The muscles stop functioning at all. It often happens when the patient is just sitting straight or laying in his bed. If the person is standing, he or she may fall and receive serious damages.

There is also a so-called grand mal attack. Doctors also call it a tonic-clonic assault. The phenomenon begins with a full loss of muscle control. The limbs of the victim then begin jerking and convulsing. The patient loses his memory, sober mind, and ability to control the body. This condition may last for several minutes, but it looks really terrifying.