Incomplete assaults of the simplest type may be the sign you have epilepsy. The person remains robust when the seizure takes place. People with epilepsy share they have a freaky sensation, which is difficult to explain. The most popular description is, “My stomach is like getting up!” While driving over a sheer hill, the same feeling occurs. The extremities then suffer like the pins and needles are piercing them.

There is another type of partial assaults, which is defined as a more complex. It means not only the limbs, but all other body parts suffer. The attack lasts for a while as in contrast to the simple partial seizure. In addition, the patient does not remain robust understanding what is going on: he or she may even lose memory and sober mind. They cannot explain later what happened before the attack. The limbs would probably flail around.

Petit mal assaults is another type of seizures that may detect epilepsy. Absence attacks usually take place in the organism of grown-ups. However, adolescents and small children can become victims as well. Usually, such assaults take 15-20 seconds. The patients are not convulsing too severely. The loss of memory is also present, so the patient may stop recognizing the faces of surrounding people.