The person with epilepsy of any age may face an atonic seizure. This type of attack makes all body muscles relax at once. The body is like falling asleep. The organism turns generally weak. The patient may fall down if it happens while he is standing, running, or walking. It is important to sit down ASAP when it happens.

Debauchery is another symptom of epilepsy. We are not talking about the emotional intemperance, but rather about unintentional physical incontinence. This symptom takes place as the muscles become unable to manage the activities of bowel and bladder. When the functions of such muscles are limited, the person can even wet himself during an assault.

One more common symptom of epilepsy is a tongue biting. Tongue biting is a very spread problem, but only in case, the person loses memory, the ability to control the body, and understanding of what is going on. The tongue is then trying to release, and the teeth can’t stop it. It’s not that risky, but still not pleasant.

Embarrassment is another common condition for the patients with epilepsy. Often, people who suffer from this disorder just cannot get what is going on when they experience an assault. The seizure happens suddenly, so the person is not ready for that. The absence of recollection or incomplete memory of what actually happened is what people with epilepsy share. The surrounding people must support such patients.