Impaired posture and loss of balance. As a result of Parkinson’s disease, you may have problems with posture or keeping balance. Patients tend to lose balance in upright posture because of the gap in some necessary reflexes. Over time an ability to manage the body balanced is losing, and the patient has difficulties with keeping a steady posture.

Your voice becomes more quiet or soft. Parkinson’s disease also affects to special messages from brain and muscles that influence person’s language.  The voice of patient starts to modify, and it’s becoming more even and soft. This sign is one of initial Parkinson’s symptoms which the patient’s family begins to observe. It happens because person’s face muscles become stiff and he or she cannot open his or her mouth enough to speak legibly and clearly.

Freezing. There is one peculiar sign of Parkinson’s disease, and it is called freezing. The patient is afraid to take the next step during a walk. Such symptom may be temporary but if freezing happens at the moment of turning there is a risk to fall down or to lose the body balance.

Lack of facial expression. Some people call that symptom “poker face” because the patient’s face may lose an ability to express emotions and feelings. Also, other people can notice your empty stare and rare eyes blinking. Never ignore the sign and connect with a doctor as soon as possible.