Loss of sense of smell. This one is often earliest symptom of Parkinson’s disease. A person starts to notice that he or she can not feel many smells like their favorite perfume, foods. The patient is limited to smell different odors and flavors. If you loosed a possibility to nose for an extended period, attempt to visit your doctor as soon as possible.

Slowed movement (bradykinesia). In the course of time, Parkinson’s disease may make your movements slow and gradual. Even simple tasks become difficult and laborious for the patient. On walks it becomes complicated to make normal steps, the foot can reach for the leg, which complexes the movement. Dressing, brushing teeth, eating food need more time to terminate.

Sleeping problems. If you or your partner started to notice that in a dream you can suddenly jerk or kick, then do not ignore this sign. Neurologists say that forty percent of people with this sign have a predisposition to developing Parkinson’s disease.