Tremor in a resting position. Most people who suffer from Parkinson’s disease can feel shaking in the limbs or trunk. For the first time, shaking can be seen when the patient walks or holds a book or newspaper in his hand. When a person is under influence of anxiety or violent emotions, as well as there is a pathology of the nervous system, tremors can become worse. But when the body moves, the tremor decreases.

Handwriting becomes small. If you noticed occasionally that you started to write very small letters than before it can be one of Parkinson’s disease sign. Sometimes the patient needs to make a big effort to write something. Do not try to ignore such change in your body. Ask for some medical help in time.

Muscle stiffness. In a normal healthy status, the muscles must contract on movements and ease off at resting position. But patients who are suffering from Parkinson’s disease can feel a reduction of moving skills because their muscles become rigid. The occurrence of muscle rigidity can happen on any part of patient’s body. Such stiffness may restrict your movements and bring the pain.