Staying annoyed for a large period of time. People with bipolar disorder get irritated without any specific reasons. It’s difficult for them to communicate with strangers as they generally hate people. These patients may start shouting at close people like family members if they cannot find something or they failed to achieve some goals. People with bipolar disorder are very sensitive and take things personally, so it’s better to avoid hurting them.

It’s not a secret people with bipolar disorder are more emotional than ordinary population. They are very impulsive, especially when somebody doubts their opinion. These people tend to make quick decisions without recognizing the potential consequences. Such spontaneous decisions may involve: wasting budget, jumping all around, getting at people for no reason, beating the head against the wall being in a rage, and more. The impulse to commit suicide is also often noticed in patients.

Addiction to alcohol beverages. Of course, a large share of the population experiences problems with alcohol abuse. However, alcohol drinks make people with bipolar disorder even worse Chatterbox and more aggressive depending on the situation. There were cases when such patients injured or even murdered people being drunk. Alcohol is their worst enemy, but they just can’t stop drinking. Sometimes, these drinks may calm them through decreasing annoyance. Vice versa, these people get angry when having no access to alcohol production.

Perhaps, the last symptom to consider is the regular fatigue. It is a symptom of many psychological disorders, but people with bipolar disorder suffer more than many others. Fatigue and depression are closely interconnected in their case. Being in a manic condition, the patients do not experience fatigue. Each time the behavior of a person with bipolar disorder switches, his or her energy level drops down, causing a fatigue condition.