People who tend to feel too much excited are not always doing alright. Being joyful too much without a good reason is the sign of a serious disorder. Bipolar disorder can make a maniac out of an ordinary citizen. In euphoria, such people may be dangerous for others. Another sign is when the joy lasts for too long; for instance, the birthday party passed a week ago, but the person still can’t stop laughing from the same funny event which occurred during the celebration.

The way patients with bipolar disorder treat themselves constantly change. The person may underestimate, or, vice versa, overestimates his own role in the society. The first situation often results in a long-lasting depression. The second case usually makes the person feel a king who has a right to do whatever he wants. Both these conditions are warning. When such people believe they are above the law and even forces of nature, they become dangerous for the surrounding.

The fast manner of talking. Sometimes, people with bipolar disorder have too many ideas they want to express. It prevents them from being rational with their judgments. For others, it becomes hard to understand the speech of people with bipolar disorder. Such patients tend to change the topic too often. They prefer when everyone is listening, and can’t stop talking all the time.