People with bipolar disorder find it hard to focus on one thing. They fail to set priorities. Hypomania and depression both make these individuals incompetent to make any decisions. Sometimes, these patients get lost even in their own thoughts. It is easy to distract people with bipolar disorder; then, they may forget to accomplish their duties.

Long-lasting depression instead of short-term feelings of sadness and disappointment. People are not stable when it comes to their mood as a lot of factors influence our lives. However, the mood of patients with bipolar disorder is rather unstable. They can start crying being unable to find their favorite jeans or laughing at a silly joke. Most of the time, these patients confuse real life tragedies with something insignificant.

Committing suicide. Some patients with bipolar disorder just think about suicide while others may commit it. They feel like their life is being destroyed and there is nothing to live for even when surrounded by family, spouses, and friends. Such people view the death as the opportunity to escape from the routine problems. However, they let people around know about their intentions, so it’s possible to prevent the tragedy.