What factors cause hives? The core problem is a trigger. Once it leads to the excessive amounts of histamine or other chemical messengers, the body surface suffer. As a result, the patient’s blood vessels simply open up. That is how the reddish or pinkish spots appear, forming the tumor and rash at one time. The attacked zone becomes leaky. Here is why histamine may exceed its normal level: an allergy; infectious bacteria or virus and a particular group of drugs.

What about the diagnosis of hives? Let the healthcare professional examine the swelling nature as well as the red coverage. Don’t hesitate to bring your medical and family history with you as the illness is often heretical. However, if the primary cause is the specific food allergy or insect bite, you may be sent to the corresponding specialists. Such situation is extremely rare. We would recommend getting involved in the following exams: a full blood count (FBC), for instance.