What are the symptoms of this strange disease? Of course, first and for most, it is the tumor under the skin. You will see it with the naked eye as it takes the form of the rash. Just like in many other cases of similar illnesses, the coverage is usually reddish. It has a round shape like a typical circle/dot. Some are just a couple of millimeters while others appear to grow as much as several inches, causing noticeable damage to the overall appearance.

Most of the patients have a strong desire to scratch their skin as the swelling is rather itchy, but it is important to resist this desire. The most commonly covered ‘territories’ are the human face and limbs (both hands and legs). You can notice a red flare around the rash in some cases. The welts will go away in twenty-four hours, so the patients should not worry too much. However, if you do nothing, the new welts may show up. Still, they will occupy just a particular zone.