Swelling occurs and remains for six or more weeks. It is known as urticaria and also called hives due to its nature. There are chronic and acute cases of this health condition, and the first type is a bit more dangerous and tricky. Add the damage to immune system, problems with hormones, and tumors to the main symptoms of the acute hives, and you’ll get a chronic one.

It can be passed from the parents to their children. Once the skin gets in touch with some irritating factors (e.g. too high or too low temperatures, pressure, intensive exercise), the problem may appear. The urticarial harms only the attacked zone without spreading to the rest of the body. In most cases, the signs can be seen in an hour. Do not scratch the skin, trying to squeeze something! It may get only worse by turning into dermatographism. Even more, types to explore exist, but they are less common.