Calcification covers many organs when it comes to magnesium deficiency disorder. The arteries are not the exception. There should be enough of calcium and magnesium in our body to work properly. The extra amount of one of these elements, vice versa, causes various health issues. In the case of magnesium deficiency, one can guess that calcium appears in extra amount. Then, magnesium cannot balance with it or control calcium. Calcium then can be stored in different places such as arteries. The outcomes may be as dangerous as heart attack and other diseases associated with this organ.

People who complain about the magnesium lack report jumping levels of blood pressure. In fact, both pulse and blood pressure are beyond or over the norm when there is a magnesium deficiency. The relationship between increased blood pressure and lack of magnesium is not proved, but it can often be noticed. Try special therapies ASAP to get rid of this problem.