Aedes mosquitos usually don’t travel with the tourists as they require specific climate and are not adapted to flights or long travels. Grown-up mosquitos are usually able to transfer the virus, but they are not good travelers. Besides, they can exist and reproduce only in Zika-risky regions of the globe, not the United States or Europe.

Try to use various insect repellents when going to the Zika-affected areas. They are not that expensive in the markets. It is better to prevent the bites than to suffer the possible consequences, even if not that severe. Such element as picaridin present in the recommended products scare off the wild mosquitos. These liquids also contain at least 20% DEET. Remember those nasty insects are especially active closer to the dawn and dusk.

It is recommended to monitor the mosquito population in order to avoid occasions with Zika virus involved. Not only Aedes mosquitos may cause troubles: some other exotic types can lead even to the worse consequences. It might be even something life-threatening, so the person should be ready to face the challenge and get armed to the teeth with the corresponding sprays, gels, and repellents. Experts apply specific chemical pesticides that destroy the insect population. However, one should watch out as these chemicals have a lot of side effects on human health if not used properly.