Mosquitos are more dangerous than many people think. Also, having sex is not that safe not only because of the popular reasons. The Zika virus may be one more reason to be careful. One more common disease is the West Nile. Aedes mosquito is one of the most threatening types of parasites as it the carrier of some viruses and bacteria which may lead to Zika. One of the ways to get infected is through having an act of intimacy. Apply condoms at least half a year to reduce the possibility of previous Zika to pop out again.

The signs of this type of virus are often soft. 80% of the individuals attacked by the mosquito do not experience any symptom thanks to the strong immune system and some other factors. Fever and rash (red spots over the body) are among the most typical systems of people who are extra sensitive and have weak immune system. They sometimes may feel ache in the muscles and joints. From time to time, conjunctivitis symptoms show up.

Embryos on the last stage are also under the threat. They risk facing complications caused by the disease in case of the ill mother. Pregnancy makes women especially weak and sensitive to any insects’ bites, especially this sort of mosquitos. The infected females may experience the impact or terrible microcephaly (e.g. delays in communication and limited movements).