Variola virus results into the disease called smallpox. It is easy to detect the disease visually as the pus appears on the body’s surface. It looks like the ugly lumps filled with the white liquid. These blisters expand during the course of illness.

Symptoms and signs of the smallpox are also obvious. Not only visual symptoms appear. At the early stage, an immediate signs that also can be associated with the cold, fever, or flu show up. The person starts feeling general discomfort. He or she complains of heavy head, exhaustion, back ache, nausea. People infected with this virus may often demonstrate a desire to vomit.

As for the rash, it first covers the face. Then, it moves down to the uppers limbs, and finally achieves the trunk. From the regular red spots, they evolve into tiny blisters with pus inside, which does not look adorable at the next week or more, the scabs will generate. They will leave in the natural way by simply taking off. However, the deep wounds will stay.