The core problem is a variola virus, transmitted from individual to individual. It is enough to simply breathe the same air with the infected person. The droplets are the carriers of the virus. Thus, doctors recommend placing the patient into the special institution for further treatment and recovery not to infect people around him or her. Avoid any close contact with the infected individual. The first 7 days of the virus are the most dangerous in sense of being contagious.

There are certain threatening factors one should keep in mind. Under the risk factors, the doctors usually mean those that may provoke the illness. The variola virus is exterminated by today. However, there are still certain risks for people working in the lab and conducting experiments associated with the usage of this virus.Bio weapons attack also may give life to the variola virus. Earlier, the threats included all infected people, dangerous fluids or droplets in the air carrying the virus from person to person. The patients with smallpox coughed, so the chances were really high.

Today, the advanced medicine would heal smallpox much faster and almost perfectly. At the same time, health care professionals would still be able to confuse it with chicken pox or some other illnesses, followed by the reddish spots and blisters with pus on the skin. After all, those are the major visual symptoms of smallpox too. It was always important to detect the disease on the initial stages to prevent it from spreading as, in fact, smallpox is really serious and might be life-threatening.

A single issue with this disease can be referred to the global health emergency. It would be necessary then to isolate the person as soon as possible until he or she fully recovers. This recovery process takes a while. It might be weeks or even months. People used to turn for help to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which did its best to define the disease properly. They deal mostly with the serious, transmitted viruses. The Centers apply examination which involves the usage of tissue samples from a single lesions from the body’s surface of the potential patient.