Definition of Shin Splints. Have you ever experienced a severe ache in the front of the lower extremities or tibia bone? It might be the obvious sign of the shin splints. Those people who devote time to the activities associated with the stressful situations are the most probable victims of this diagnosis. For instance, over training in a gym may lead to this health condition as it requires an active involvement of the lower limbs.

In most cases, such professions as dancers, athletes, and military staff suffer most of all. It is important not to overwork in gym to avoid this problem. When the problem is present, it may lead to the serious injuries and traumas. On the whole, this phenomenon accounts for approximately 10.7% of traumas in male athletes and 16.8% of traumas in female athletes. Those are mostly people who do a lot of running.

It is possible to guess that the overactive training is the primary cause of the shin splints. When people cause too much pressure on their shin bones, shin splints appear. It happens as the associated tissues that connect a shin bone to the muscles are forced excessively. As a result, the feeling of swelling and inflammation appears.