The curve of the spine turns irregular. It can be named the major symptom of the disorder. The irregular curvature grows in the damaged region, causing scoliosis to progress over time. As the development flows smoothly, it is not that easy to define it from the first sight. Unless the problem turns rather obvious, it is important to tell something is going wrong.

People may notice that patients who suffer from scoliosis have their head placed irregularly, like not exactly in the center of the shoulders as it should be. A shifted, dislocated, off-centered head is the primary symptom of scoliosis as well. It can be said that the head tries to find its position somewhere else instead of where it should be. As a result, it affects the corkscrew feature of the vertebrae adversely.

A lopsided, rough region of the shoulder is one more symptom you might be having scoliosis. Not only has the head taken an abnormal position. The femurs of the person may also turn uneven. The shoulders is the second part of the body which may become lopsided. An example might be one of the hips being placed lower in contrast to another.