We may often notice people who hump since the young age. It’s not healthy or okay and should not be this way. It happens as the spine curves to one side. Scoliosis is a condition which can impact any side of the spine. Lumbar scoliosis is the most popular and widespread type of this disorder. It takes place in the lower back of the spine.

One more type, thoracic one, is one which occurs in the chest. Usually, even the health care providers cannot tell the source of the problem from the first sight. Often, such things as cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy are named.

The person starts complaining about the sharp pain in the spine. In the majority of cases, doctors can’t say that the disorder is harmful or painful. Only a small percent of the patients have painful sensation in the damaged region. This sensation can vary from the mild to severe on. In the case of the second, see your health care professional.