It does not mean something wrong can be discovered in urine or it is painful to urinate. It’s all about the fake feeling of being fed up with liquid. Such a call to action may be immediate and trouble-making. No matter what the person drinks and how often, he or she will feel the discomfort anyway. The desire remains even once the person attended bathroom and did what he wanted.

The fact that the person pees too much is the first sign of overactive bladder. It’s not that critical, as a rule, so don’t panic. It is easy to count and see whether the daily ritual is healthy: a regular person urinates 7-8 times per day. If you do it less often, it might mean your body does not receive enough water, and dehydration is not a good sign either. Doctors also call overactive bladder an OAB. A few tiny drops is a warning sign – there should be a bigger volume of urine once you can’t resist the feeling anymore.

As it was mentioned above, it is almost impossible to fall asleep having a full bladder. Who would? The persons wake up twice or even more during the night time to attend bathroom. When they find out just a few drops fall down, they feel rather disappointed as it is difficult to fall asleep as fast again.