Feels like you are visiting WC too often? Besides the fact it causes embarrassing situations and certain dependence on a toilet, it may also be the signal. The signal to act in order to prevent or recover too much overactive bladder.

There are muscles on the bladder’s wall. If they somehow compress or contract, this condition pops out. It all results in the need to pee too frequently as the bladder feels overloaded. It is especially disturbing at night time – the person is not able to fall asleep as it feels that the bladder is full. In the end, the person discovers that his or her urine does not contain that much fluid, which makes it twice more disappointing. A small bladder syndrome is another name for it.

The major signs of overactive bladder involve the call to pee at any time of the day or night. This is a primary symptom. Because of the muscles’ contraction, the person feels like he is fed up with water all the time. It doubles the frequency of attendance to the WC.