Both phenomena are unpleasant to experience. These spasms are not necessarily the sign of the heartburn. In some situations, spasms may occur when the person experienced an acid reflux. As it was already mentioned, they are pretty the same. When the person deals with the heart attack, the suffering will attack the lower chest and back. The back of the throat with other elements of the mouth may also experience painful sensation. Many persons share they feel like having a sour taste in the back of the throat.

The causes of the problem are pretty much similar everywhere. The threats involve all factors that lead to the grown manufacturing of stomach acid. Even though the heartburn looks like an acid reflux, there may be different causes and outcomes of both. Various structural issues the body may have also let acid reflux enter the esophagus without obstacles. Doctors name daily ration as well as the supporting beverages among the main causes of the heartburn as well as other similar health issues.

The wrong meals may motivate the growth of acid secretion, which makes room for the heartburn. Watch out when taking over-the-counter drugs as they may lead to this problem too. Health care professionals recommend avoiding such medicine as ibuprofen, Naproxen (e.g. Naprosyn, Aleve), carbonated drinks, acid-based juices and meals, and, first of all, too much chocolate.