How can one detect if it’s Emphysema? The health care professional must find out whether the patient has corresponding hints in his medical history. One more thing is to conduct a physical examination. There are several methods used to define whether the patient suffers from Emphysema: X-ray test is one of the most effective tools. It checks the chest to discover the true causes of breathlessness and other issues with lungs.

Another efficient way to diagnose the disease is computerized tomography (CT) scans. Still, to be more accurate, the doctors will need X-ray pictures mixed with the results of CT. Many different parts of the body must be observed, but the greatest accent is lungs. As a result, the doctors obtain cross-sectional views of internal organs. A CT is also a must-have before assigning a surgery as a treatment.

Laboratory examinations along with the tests observing the work of lungs are two more methods of detecting Emphysema. The patient has to submit the blood from the wrist artery to find out whether the lungs deliver oxygen to all strategic parts of the body. The lungs should also be able to replace carbon dioxide from the general bloodstream. As for the tests, they evaluate the ability of the lungs to absorb the air and keep it inside. Sometimes, it’s just enough to blow into the spirometer to be examined.