Have you ever heard of Emphysema? It is a disease which lasts for a while, causing many troubles to its holder. The target organ of infection is lungs. The patient runs out of breath as the alveoli are swelling. It means air sacs in the lung. The tissue responsible for the swap of oxygen and carbon dioxide is being ruined. The disease belongs to the category of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

The symptoms of this severe disease include breathlessness or running out of the air. Another common sign is an ongoing cough created by mucus. Sometimes, this cough, as well as other sounds coming out of the mouth, are supported by wheezing. It becomes too difficult for the patient to do every day physical exercises like jumping, running, or even simply walking. This disease progresses smoothly. Only if you notice slow deterioration, it can be a symptom. In many cases, the same problem is faced by the heavy smokers.

The main reason for the person to have Emphysema is smoking heavily for ages. People who suffer from this disease may smoke for some time but do it regularly. Tabacco, as well as some other factors, possess special airborne irritants, and some people cannot withstand them. Marijuana, air pollution, and chemical fumes may be the causes too. Rarely, the patient may simply lack protein to defend the lungs.