Snoring is another bad sign of insomnia, but you’ll never get it if you live alone. Ask your partner, other family members, or a roommate to share whether you make any unpleasant or irritating sounds at night. People usually have no idea they snore when they are sleeping. In case you think it is the fault of insomnia, it is better to solve the problem.

Falling asleep always and everywhere is another disturbing symptom of insomnia. No matter whether you slept 4, 8, or more than 10 hours last night, you may have this never-ending feeling of fatigue. It is a bad habit which prevents the patients from studying or working effectively. The best-case scenario. Is falling asleep while sitting than standing or walking.

If you can’t fall asleep once or twice, that’s okay. People might be having too much information to proceed in their heads. Also, it is normal to feel anxious at night before the important day like one’s birthday, funeral, or wedding. Constant problems with sleep most often reflect insomnia. Acute insomnia lasts from a single night to a few weeks; chronic forms may have problems with rest something like 3 nights weekly.